Muse or Rive Gauche for men?

  1. i'm currently torn between a Muse briefcase or a Rive Gauche in large. which would be a better bag for a guy to use? i like the Rive Gauche cause it can look like briefcase but can also be worn as a messenger. the Muse briefcase looks more masculine.

    any insight?
  2. I'm not a guy, but I love the look of either of these YSL men's bags....
    I bought the briefcase for my DH, and he really liked it. Either is fabulous, in my opinion !!
    Muse158608C6DOG1000.jpeg Muse166294C6DAG1000.jpeg
  3. I really like the Downtown Computer Case, too, but I don't know how you feel about patent (it's only available in patent and leopard on but perhaps it would be possible to track down a plain leather version)...


    After the Downtown case, my next pick would be the Muse Briefcase. That Muse Overnight Bag is gorgeous, too, but it's 24" wide which might make it a little big for everyday use. I recently picked up the Rive Gauche and also love that, but it depends on how you intend to use it. You definitely wouldn't want to strain an RG with carrying a laptop or too many large files. If this is just for more casual use, though, it would work (although I still prefer one of the other two bags for a guy). But any of them would be a fantastic bag to own and I'm sure would look great on you!
  4. ^shazam, the Downtown laptop case comes in grey flannel, too. I think it`s the perfect material for a guy. I also like the Downtown travel bag for a more tote-ish look.

    I have only seen the medium RG, and thought it was too small.

    BTW: I`m a guy and have a OS Muse in Caramel on its way to me. I`ll post pics when it arrives...
  5. i prefer the rive gauche :smile:
  6. Wow, tough call...both are very stylish work bags, but the Muse briefcase and Muse overnight bag are awesome! Whatever you end up with, please make sure you post pics.
  7. the rive gauche, def.

    I think that the fact that it can be worn messenger style is a real advantage. also it's just prettier! personally, i think the muse looks less masculine because of the round edges.
  8. rive gauche!