Muse or LV or MJ?

  1. Hi everyone.

    I'm new to the forum. I am obsessed with bags. I think I need to see a counselor about it.

    Anyway... I'm looking to buy a practical bag I can carry everyday, durable, big, and from $500-$1000.

    I'm thinking:
    YSL large black muse
    LV Manhattan GM (how much is this?)
    MJ blake or venetia

    What do you guys think? Which one of those do you think will be the most practical? And classic? I actually don't like mono canvas with lv all over the bag but it's such a classic...

  2. muse! big, practical and light in weight!
  3. i like the MJ Blake
  4. Top choice: Large Muse.
    2nd choide: Blake or Venetia
    Nay on LV since you don't absolutely love mono canvas.
  5. I like the Muse or the MJ. All three bags run about $1200.
    You have good taste though and can't go wrong with any of them.
  6. MJ Blake is a great everyday bag!
  7. I think the Manhattan Gm could run as much as $1,500. The muse is $1,300, the Blake is $975, and the Venetia is $1,200. My fave is the Venetia!
    manhattan gm.jpg ysl muse.jpg blake.jpg mj venetia.jpg
  8. I have a Black MJ Blake and I LOVE IT! It is a great everyday bag, and so versatile! And I think it is classic! That gets my vote without hesitation!
  9. i say muse or blake.

    btw, i know about the muse, but is the blake the only shoulder bag of the remaining three?
  10. I've got a black Black too and it's great, but if I were shopping today I'd probably go for Muse.... (could be boredom induced though)
  11. My vote is for the large black YSL Muse. It runs $1195 before tax. The MJ Blake would be my distant second choice. I do not like the LV Manhattan at all.

    As an everyday bag I think the Muse would be the most practical. It will hold the most stuff, and I think can be dressed up/down with the most ease. If you work in a corporate environment, I think the Muse is the best choice. I also think that the Muse has more longevity than the other styles do. The MJs are fairly clean bags, but there is something extra special about the Muse. I like the overall design and the use of hardware on the Muse better than I do on the MJ bags. I also think that you will be able to use the Muse for many years to come; it's a great investment bag. Good luck with your decision.
  12. Blake does shoulder well although it can be tight over a coat. I'm curious to hear about the clearance on a large muse....
  13. The large Muse can fit over the shoulder, but if you are wearing a bulky coat, it is going to be a very tight squeeze. For those days when the bag can't be worn over the shoulder, it works perfectly either in the crook of the arm or held by hand.
  14. Thanks everyone! Some really good points. I think I'll go with the black Muse because I can use it for work and it's more classic-looking. I'll ask for one for my graduation prezzie!

    Now I just I hope I'll be able to locate one...
  15. I have both the Muse in large (choc brown) and MJ quilted Blake in black. Love both a lot! But they're very diff styles. The MJ is more of a casual bag but what I love about it is the 3 compartments. I like to be quite organised (purseket in my Paddy) so I loathe having to dig around a bag for stuff. The Muse on the other hand, I'd have to do some digging but that's not too bad coz it's salvation (interior wise) is the mobile/cell phone pocket. Very important I can reach my phone immediately! Lol!

    The Muse is less casual looking than the Blake so it's good if you wanna take it to work too:smile: Really, I can't decide. It depends on what I need it for, where I'm going and such.