Muse or downtown?

  1. I'm going to Hong Kong next month and I'm considering a YSL. For those of you who have either or both, which one is more user friendly in terms of weight and function? I haven't purchased a YSK since the Mombasa days, but I've had a thing for the Muse for a while now. Nowhere in my town that sells it so I've kind of just missed the Muse boat. Is it too late to get one full priced from YSL or do you think they will be heavily discounted next season? I need a classic bag, what is better. Any help is appreciated. TIA
  2. I would suggest the Muse if you want a bag that is classic and useful for work and weekend. I find the Downtown more casual. Both are equally functionable and easy to use. The Downtown however does not zip up completely. In terms of weight, I think the Muse is slightly heavier comparing the same sizes of the 2 bags. The classic colour Muse i.e. black, dark brown and ivory are staples and not likely to be discounted any time soon. Do try them out at the HK boutique and see which one appeals more to you. Have fun!
  3. I am taking the plunge and getting myself a less than a month after I got my Downtown! I'll obviously be able to provide more input after carrying the Muse once I get it...

    but I can say that the Downtown is definitely a more casual bag, something that I would consider good for everyday use - at least in the leather that I have (brown calf). I don't find it a problem that the top doesn't zip completely shut. And I :heart: having the front pocket - that's just a personal preference, but since the interior compartment has no cell phone or PDA pockets, it's a major bonus for me.

    GL and have fun trying on all of the sumptuous bags!
  4. It's a tough choice. I just got a muse last month because like you said I had a thing for it. The downtown has also grown on me and I am hunting for the right downtown now.:p
  5. I'm partial to the Muse...I've been in love with that big since I laid eyes on it! :heart:
  6. lhasalover, we're flip-flopping! LOL. Both are must-have bags imo so better late than never, eh?

  7. Thanks for all your input ladies! I'm going to get a muse. I don't love the downtown and since it's seems to be a more casual option, I prefer my Balenciagas for running around anyway. I think the Muse is a classic. thanks for everyone's help!
  8. Good choice! I have the muse and the downtown and the think the muse is classier. I still :heart: them both!
  9. Ummmm, both!
  10. i prefer the muse. :yes:
  11. I love the Muse.
  12. Both :smile: !! My Muse is my most used bag,but my Downtown is a year newer and I'm in :heart:.
  13. I have never seen the Muse in any color go on sale. At Bergdorf's we have a HUGE selection of colors in both the Muse and downtown. I know you already made your decision but I do love the Dowtown for travel. It's more pliable and lighter.
  14. muse