Muse or balenciaga? im confused

  1. should i get a muse large or balenciaga city its the same price and i dont have both... does anyone have a muse ? is it heavy? thanks
  2. It depends on your style? I think the muse is classy while balenciaga is trendy.
  3. thanks chidzuyo, i was thinking of that too it seem the leather's so nice from the pictures thou i havent seen it IRL
  4. I like Balenciaga, not much of a muse fan.
  5. I think the muse will lose steam before the Balenciaga. I would think about what will hold the most value down the road.
  6. Kaka, Both City & Muse are nice and light. Which colors are you looking interested in? I personally think lean toward Muse, I can be dressed up more. The tassles on the City give the bag a more casual look; City in Red/Black looks very nice.
  7. I disagree completely. I think it will be the other way around. And I think that since the Muse is a more refined, classier looking bag, you will be able to carry it at any age. Plus, the Muse can be worn casually or in a professional setting. The Balenciaga is not good in a professional setting.

    I own several Muses and have owned a number of b-bags as well. The Muse is certainly heavier than the b-bag (almost any bag is), but it is not what I would consider a heavy bag.
  8. My vote is definetely Balenciaga.

  9. ^^I agree with this 100%. I have both these bags - but if I had to choose one it would be the Muse. Frankly I think i'll be using it a lot longer than my City bag. It's a classier - timeless bag. I also love how much it holds and the structure of the bag. The leather is really beautiful and it's not a heavy bag at all.

    What colors are you considering in each?
  10. I vote Banlenciaga. I'm not a big fan of the Muse.
  11. i really like both! but i think the muse is more classic and the balenciaga is more trendy. so depends on which you think is more your style. but both are great, so maybe you should consider getting both! lol
  12. Both are great bags, but the Muse seems more likely to stand the test of time because of its clean lines and more classic styling.
  13. Both bags are so different from each other.

    Depends on your lifestyle. The Balenciaga is more "hip." The Muse is more "classic."
  14. ITA. =)
    Sorry for all the typos/errors on my last reply (I was doing several things at the same time).
  15. Well, I made my earlier comment due to the fact that Balenciaga has been going strong for over 4 years now. I guess with the Muse, only time will tell whether it will become a classic or if it will just be in "it" bag for a short while. No matter, buy what personally suites your taste better. They are both nice bags~