muse- oak vs chocolate

  1. what's your pick? i've got a novak in black so do you guys think the chocolate muse is too similar? which is more classic? oak or chocolate?

    happy friday!
  2. I've been monitoring this sub-forum very closely, because I'm headed to NYC on MONDAY to buy a Muse, so I'm really interested in your question too! From what I've read here, most savvy PFers whose advice I trust seem to think that Chocolate is the #1, classic color for the Muse.
  3. Chocolate for sure! It's more subtle and sophisticated!
  4. wow i guess it's unanimous. good to know. i'm going to put the chocolate large muse on my wish list for fall!
  5. ^^^Not XL/Oversize? There's been lots of threads--and strong opinions--on the Muse size issue. I'm still undecided...
  6. I had a medium brown color Yris Muse Style bag before getting my regular Dark Brown Muse. Once I got the dark brown, I never used the medium brown one again and actually got rid of it. I love the dark rich brown myself, but it really all comes down to what is most pleasing to your eye. I would check out both side by side IRL (if you can) and see which one comes out the winner in your eye.
  7. i'm only 4 feet 11 so i think the oversize would look pretty ridiculous on me, but if i were 5 feet 7 i'd go for the oversize!
  8. good to know! i guess the darker brown is a keeper!
  9. Fayden and Jill D.C., I have all 3 sizes (Medium white, Large in black & now Burgundy, and XL in Dark brown). I am 5'8" and although I love my XL one, I use that one more as a 'head turner/statement making bag' (out shopping, etc..) and not as my everyday bag. For every day I use the Large as it's straps go over my shoulder and it looks good wearing it as a shoulder bag. I got the white in the medium size because I am just not a 'big white bag' person and yet the white Muse is stunning and I really wanted one in that color (it's also a bit easier to control from getting dirty in the smaller size; eg. edges don't brush against things, etc...). The medium is a really nice size and also fits over my shoulder and looks good that way or hand held. I know the concensus was that the Muse looks best in the XL (shape wise), but what it comes down to is what you like best, what you feel looks best on you, and what you are then comfortable wearing. All 3 sizes are great.
  10. wow quite a collection there! i want to see a familiy photo. could you please??
  11. Thanks for all the advice, Golden. I'd also love to see a family photo of your Muses, particularly to compare the sizes.
  12. Okay for Fayden and Jill D.C. Family pics. The first shows the different sizes (you can't really tell the colors except for the white and maybe burgundy). The second pic is the white med, then burgundy large, then black large (you can't really see it), then dark brown XL. The 3rd pic is a side view - white, burgundy, black, dark brown. The 4th one is to show you how deep and rich the dark brown is by showing it in direct sunlight. Enjoy!

    Muse Family pics1.jpg

    Muse Family pics2.jpg

    Muse Family pics3.jpg

    Dark Brown XL Muse.jpg
  13. wow thanks for the photos! that red really stands out. i think the large is good for me. the XL looks too big. thank you again. the chocolate muse is definitely on my next to get bag for fall.
  14. Thanks for sharing.Your bags are tdf. I really need to get one muse. I adore the red one. Can you post a close up pic of that one?

    Is it fall color?
  15. Thank you. Yes, it is the Fall 'red' (really burgundy). I received it today. I posted a pic of it in the thread I'd started yesterday called 'Red Large Muse in at Saks NYC'. The picture doesn't really do it justice. It is actually darker. The SA even called it burgundy.