Muse more expensive in Paris?

  1. Hello to all you people.. just joined TPF.. great to see soo many purse enthusiasts.. Anyways I was wondering if the muse prices are more expensive in Paris as compared to any other city/country? I will be visiting Paris next month and really want to buy the medium muse in black/tan but I have heard that its more expensive there.. Please let me know.. Thanks!! :smile:
  2. First of all, welcome to the TPF :smile: .
    Well, honestly I have no idea about Muse being more expensive in Paris. I think it should cost the same as in different cities/countries.
  3. Usually, for French brands, Paris is the cheapest city :s Take LV, for example, the prices are a bit cheaper than in other European cities and the US... I wouldn't know with YSL but I suspect that, being French, there has to be a difference in the price (if you are from the US, consider that you'll probably be able to get a tax refund so that will make already a difference)
  4. I just returned from Paris and purchased the medium Muse in chocolate brown for 1095 euro. The exchange rate is approximately 1.30 so that comes to $1423 USD. Then you can factor in the VAT which I was told was approximately 13% that goes back on your credit card if you like. That takes the total to approx. $1238 USD. I live in NY, so that is less than what I'd pay if I factor in the 8.25% sales tax. It is a lovely handbag, very classic and ladylike. Hope this information helps. Have a great trip.
  5. stylinmama, were there any YSL or other bags on sale when you went? I'd think since the winter sales are still ongoing that you'd be able to get some sort of discount on top of the VAT refund.
  6. thanks for the replies evyerone.. styling mama thanks for the info.. I live in India so would i still get the VAT refund? Also did u see any Yris bags while u were at the YSL stores .. I really want the Yris bag in brown...I cant wait to get my hands on one a YSL :yes:
  7. I think that anyone who visits from other countries qualifies for the VAT refund, right?
  8. ^ outside of EU yes.

    have fun in paris - why don't you just call the shop and ask them what the YSL Muse is currently going for..?
  9. yes, provided you have the store fill up all the necessary paperwork and on your end, don't forget to have them stamped at your last point of exit. last time I was in Paris, an irate tourist was cussing at the hapless customs official at charles de gaulle because his paperwork was not properly filled up by the store hence, his refund was rendered invalid.
  10. Currently I live in Hong Kong, and in YSL boutique I saw them were priced 8990HK=1168USD. And there's no tax.
  11. How much is a Muse large in HK ? and in Europe? I thought most asian countries have a more expensive selling price but it seems it's just almost the same.
    Can anybody help me with price of Large Muse in HK and Europe countries? thanks. I know for LV it's around 20% cheaper in Paris than HK.