Muse - Medium or Large?

  1. Hi,

    Do you prefer the muse in medium or large size? Personally I find the XL overwhelming, but couldnt decide on medium or large :push:

  2. I prefer the large, to me the medium is too small and the oversize is too large, but the large is perfect!
  3. I recently tried on both and think i prefer the medium. It may depend on your size and height and how much you carry. Good luck in deciding
  4. I own both sizes. The medium is perfect during the days when I'm carrying just the essentials (wallet, phone, small cosmetic bag) and great for night. The large fits a bit more obviously (water bottle, book, light sweater, etc). I find them both to be excellent sizes depending on your needs. If you need to carry more and would be using the bag to work as well, I would definitely say the large. But if you're carrying less, the medium is great too (it is just that -- medium; not too small, not too big!) That said, I a huge Muse fan, so I'm partial to all sizes, LOL. I hope that helps! :smile:
  5. large
  6. I was torn too and chose the large - there weren't any retailers in my area so I had to rely on pics on the forum
    Now the Nordies near me carries them, and the medium seems so small, after owning the large for awhile. But I think if I had bought the medium first, I would think the large was big.
    That's probably no help to you^
    Let's just say, both sizes are great! I would like the medium in the patent, it seems a little more formal in that size and leather.
  7. Large! I think it's the perfect size for a work bag. I can fit files in there!