Muse lovers: How many do you own?

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  1. Hi all, I've browsed through this forum quite a bit and have seen people's various purse collections, and there are lots that are mind-boggling, amazing collections! And for those who really love a style (like Bbag or Fendi Spy lovers) they collect tons in various colors. I love the Muse and own one in every size. SO, I'm just curious, to the Muse lovers out there, how many Muses do you own (sizes, colors), which is your favorite (if you can pick one!!) and can you post pics of your collection? :smile:
  2. just one large black for me:
    girls sept 07 039.jpg
  3. just a o/s patent black for me...and i want to have a large in ivory too...
    YSL Muse2.jpg
  4. I have one in anthracite and just today I bought an olive one from a lovely TPFer. :yahoo:
  5. I have one and hope to get another soon.

  6. Is that the one from eBay? I was eye-ing that one for a while, but I don't have much in my wardrobe to match it and already have have an Olive Balenciaga, so it's not a color I need 2 in... but it is a gorgeous bag!! Congrats!
  7. :heart:I just bought my first YSL -- a large black muse that I adore!! I have a feeling there will be many more to come....=-):heart:
  8. Yes, that's the one. According to my tracking, it should be here Tues. I can't wait!
  9. I only have one Muse, the XL in chocolate.
    I have lots of bags, but these are my current favorites.

  10. only 1 in black.
  11. just 1 for me too, an oversize in chocolate. I haven't brought it out in forever though, this thread is inspiring me to use it again soon.
  12. 1 OS in chocolate. Wanting a medium in black patent.
  13. I have 3, XL biscotti, XL purple, Med purple. Looking to off-load the Med purple and want to replace it an anthracite XL from a few seasons ago. Let me know if you happen to see one.
  14. Just one: Oversize Chocolate. :heart: Personally, I don't believe in owning multiples of the same bag.

  15. I was just at the YSL boutique in Beverly Hills a few weeks ago and saw they still have the XL Anthracite. Give them a call!