MUSE Leather question

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  1. Hi ladies,
    got really confused about the MUSE leather. Why is the leather of the MUSE in the pic so shiny and stiff? Is it a different kinda leather or because of the flash? Normally the leather looks softer and not so shiny, right? Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. The pic is here.
  3. YSL uses Buffalo leather on the regular leather (nonmetallic) Muse. I think the flash is on here also and the bag is stuffed and both will distort the appearance of the leather.
  4. i don't like the muse leather at all (at least on my bag when i still had it)
    there's much better out there imo
  5. Thanks susan-eric, I really like the soft version of MUSE instead of this stuffed and shiny one. :lol:
  6. But I really love the oversized MUSE because it is big enough.;)
  7. ^ get a chloe edith bowler instead... it's even larger! ;) ... and the leather is sooo much nicer... :drool:
  8. Funny--I LOVE the Buffalo leather that YSL uses. One of my regrets is that the Muse metallics don't use Buffalo as well.
  9. I love the Muse leather. I've had mine almost two weeks and when I walk past it, it still has a lovely scent!!

    The bag has gotten more soft with use. For me, it is perfect. I love the leather and its softness.
  10. mine had gotten super soft/slouchy too...just something about it seemed cheap... i think that glaze they put over it made it seem like cheaper leather to me... :hrmm:
  11. Sometimes the bag looks shiny in pics... but mine doesn't seem to have any sort of glaze at all. That's one of the things I like about it... it has a somewhat rustic look about it.

    dolphinsmile: What color is the bag supposed to be in your picture? It looks like maybe it is Oak?
  12. Thanks girls for all your answers! I am sure that I will love the leather because you all said it will become softer after a while. :love:

    I am now thinking getting a large or an oversize one.:angel:
  13. Hi Kallie Girl, it is actually choco. I checked it in the retail and it is a little bit shiny when compares to the other MUSE, maybe they use different kind of leather, I think. :rolleyes: Yep, just like you, I do not like the glaze in it.:s
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