Muse Leather Question

  1. Does the leather on the black Muse scratch easily? What about the metallic ones (as opposed to the black)? Thanks!
  2. The black leather is a bit textured, so it is quite resilient. In terms of the metallic, I am unsure...
  3. The metallic bags do not scratch easily either. I"ve been using my pewter/anthracite a lot and have yet to have any problems with it whatsoever. Same applies to my regular Muses as well.
  4. I am not sure what leather the metallic ones are made in but the black, brown, white and brick red ones are made of Buffalo leather which is quite durable. I have no problem with my muse bags either and they are holding out very well too :smile:
  5. I think the Muse leather (I have black) is one of the most durable leather made compared to my other bags.
  6. its actually very durable compared to other leather bags!:biggrin:
  7. An SA I spoke with at one store said they had no problems with the metallics, but another SA at a different store said that the metallic muses (I specifically asked about the bronze) aren't everyday bags. That if used every day, the metallic would eventually wear off, exposing the leather underneath. She said this would start happening in about 3-4 months if used every day. But if used every other day or so, she said we shouldn't have a problem with it wearing off for a long time.

    I think this is the case with all metallic bags, though I assume the higher end bags will last longer. I really love the bronze color, and am this close to picking it up, even with the eventual wear problem.

    By the way, what are the metallic bags made of? I know the regular colors are buffalo, but when I took a quick look at the tag for the bronze bag, I noticed it said, "chevre." Isn't that goat?
  8. I wanted to buy the bronze in Medium but the SA here in Paris says that the metallic color will wear off too. So I resisted. The regular buffalo skin ones are definitely a better buy.
  9. Sounds like metallic in general will wear off over time just like the Balenciaga's metallic bags.
  10. Yes--chevre is goat.
  11. has anyone sprayed anything on their muse to protect it?
  12. i just got a black muse, andam impressed with the durability. i am hard on my bags, but this can take a beating and not show it.
  13. I had to exchange my black Muse after it was shipped from a YSL boutique with the handles down against the bag. It created indentations on the leather, which was very noticeable. For Muse owners: Please make sure that the handles are upright when storing/ packing your Muse.
    My new Muse is perfect and I love the leather! :love:
  14. I haven't sprayed anything on mine.
  15. I haven't sprayed mine either. i seem to be very slack about spraying black bags LOL. But I spray all of my other bags with a normal leather protectant spray.

    Thanks for the info about the handles.

    This is also a bag that is best to store with the stuffing in when it is otherwise empty. Even for a night or two.