Muse in red?

  1. Is it still possible to find one - anywhere? :sad:
  2. Would the hardware still be gold-toned?
  3. The hardware is still brass, and it seems more like a burgundy color than red. I'm not sure if there is really a true red muse.
  4. Check this out:

    muses on sale at waikiki boutique
  5. Thanks.
    I was actually looking for burgundy.
    Now I'm trying to find a way to contact them.
  6. GR8 - You here? I really don't know who I'm supposed to be contacting. Can you help?
  7. 808-924-6900

    Hurry. They only have one left!
  8. I just called and got vmail - they were closed. I left a message and asked that someone call me back regarding a burgundy Muse ASAP.

    My fingers are crossed.

    Does anyone have a picture of the bag they'd care to share with me?
  9. I found the pictures.
    I wasn't thinking :confused1:....Sorry - please disregard.