Muse in Khaki

  1. Has anyone seen muse oversize one in Khaki in person yet? Just wondering whether I should buy this unseen over the phone.:girlsigh:

  2. Hey Chloe: I did see it last week at the YSL in NYC (57th Street). But frankly, I didn't focus on it much because I was so into buying myself a Chocolate Muse! I'd be reluctant to persuade you one way or the other.

    BUT, in another thread ("Fall Colors for the Muse"), Sappho posted this pic of a Khaki Muse and a Caramel (?) patent one...

  3. Thanks Jill....I think muse's best color is chocolate and white...

    I have seen white patent one,it is just too white and will get yellowish eventually.
  4. Hey Chloe: If you're still interested, I noticed that the NM web site has posted a pic of a Muse they're calling "Taupe"...

  5. The khaki is lighter.
  6. I must admit my fave is the chocolate!:smile:
  7. Thank you so much for the info. I think I will pass the new falll color since I have thge chocolate one already. And I also think that is the best color for Muse.:yahoo:
  8. I saw one in Las Vegas last week.
    It's STUNNING. It's on the BG site
  9. Le drool :biggrin: