muse in dark purple on LVR

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  1. Hi everyone! just wondering has anyone seen this dark purple shade IRL? any opinions as to whether its a nice shade? I know LVR pictures tend to be inaccurate at times. so any help is much appreciated:yes: ::: shopping on line
  2. Oooh. Ask them for other photos. Do you think it is metallic? Sounds interesting.
  3. Bump--anyone have any further info about this color?!
  4. Bump - we need more info.
  5. looks metallic to me.
  6. Looks brown and metallic... hehe.. We need better pics!
  7. Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to see this color in real life. I wonder if YSL boutiques receive theirs yet, I have to stop by their store as soon as possible.
  8. Let us know.