Muse in croc embossed or buffalo tan muse???

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  1. I'll take the tan O/S muse anyday! Did you already get it??
  2. croc-embossed
  3. lovingmybags: no not yet! I can't decide!!! Because that croc-embossed looks very interesting and I have a miu miu bow satchel in that tan color....:thinking:they are both around $700-$800 now!! my SA is holding them for me...
  4. I like the tan O/S. There is something weird about that croc embossed - I have seen it in person. It is very thick, which is usually good in a purse. But it is leather, not croc, and the embossing is obviously fake (fake croc). I like leather that looks like leather, not pretends to be something else.
  5. croc embossed. its more unique IMO. and you can get a tan OS easier in case you really like it.
  6. I prefer the croc embossed in that colour on the Muse II. I would go for the tan O/S Muse!
  7. I like the croc but it will probably be harder to keep clean
  8. croc.croc.croc.croc.croc:tup: