Muse II or Majorelle?

  1. I'm not sure which bag to purchase ... love both of them but only have budget for 1. Muse II seems so impractical when I saw it in the store but it is a hot bag. confused... need some opinions . Also liked the majorelle..
  2. I say Majorelle or a Muse. FYI for now the Majorelle comes only in metallic and patent. No plain leather unitl the Fall. I did not like the Muse 2 and if it seems impractical then you won't use it and $1,895 is too much to pay for a bag you won't use.
  3. ^ really is that true? No plain leather for the Majorelle till fall?!
  4. That is what I heard from my SA and the girls at bagsnob. It is not confirmed for fall, but sense it is such a big bag for them it is more than likely it will be available in the plain leather for fall.
  5. Ask a sales associate about the majorelle in regular leather. my SA in the beverly hills boutique said it is coming and has reserved it for me.
  6. Are you sure it is regular leather....because there is a metallic leather one, which would count as leather. I asked my SA at YSL and he said nothing til please keep us updated. I love that bag.
  7. i love the muse II
  8. my personal favourite's the majorelle! (in regular leather)

    it also depends on your requirements, exhausted. is this going to be an everyday bag for you, and what's your general style?
  9. I would vote for the Majorelle.
  10. FWIW, I would go for the Majorelle. I just saw it in a Nordstrom ad in the latest Vogue. The bag was in a gorgeous royal blue patent leather. I'm not usually a patent person, but it was stunning. After seeing that, I need to go check it out in person!
  11. Oh SunnyDae can you post a picture?
  12. Victoire, I'd love to but my camera is currently packed away in preparation for our upcoming move, and I don't have a scanner. I Googled the blue patent Majorelle but didn't come up with any links. I can only tell you that in the current US edition of Vogue, there's a several page ad spread for Nordstrom, and the blue patent Majorelle is featured on one of the pages. I wish I could be of more help!
  13. thanks anyway SunnyDae
  14. [​IMG]

    Majorelle bag available for preorder on
  15. So pretty.... but I don't like patent... arh, where is the plain leather one?