Muse II London? Colors? Price?

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  1. Does anyone know what colors are available in the Muse II in the london Stores?

    Also, how much do they retail for??

    Thanks Ladies
  2. i would call either harvey nichols or ysl stores in london. i just got a bag shipped from harvey nichols to france, so they are pretty helpful.
  3. It depends really, if you are after the new 09 range of moc croc nubuck bags they average at around £1080 (need to double check) for the large maybe more for the plain leather, not 100% sure. However, if you are after the 08 colours I believe they had the praline nubuck muse II, and the blue croc embossed, and the multi colour in both sizes retailing for 50% which was around the £500 plus mark. Plus as of last week Harvey Nichols Bristol had two patent large muse IIs in grey and in black retailing around the £400 plus mark