**Muse** How many keys does it comes with ??

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  1. I'm just curious because I saw many suspecious fake Muse bags on eBay and it comes with 3 keys. My small Muse only comes with one key and it doesn't even look like the keys shown on eBay.

    Anyone with Muse in large or oversize Muse, please share...
  2. I got my oversized Muse at Neimans and it came with 3 gold 1 1/4" size keys. Sorry, my digital cam is out.
  3. Anyone have the pic of the keys ? I'm curious because some of the fakes on eBay, the keys look so cheap.
  4. Here's is the best I can do with a phone cam...
  5. Your welcome!
  6. Thanks Pursemama !! That cleared up my questions!
  7. The newer muses come with 1 skeleton key. the old ones come with 3.
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