Muse colours???

  1. I just wandered which in colours the Muse is available. I know about black, white, brown and bronze. Has there ever been a khaki colour?
  2. i think there is an olive/khaki color
  3. There's a tan and a beige colored Muse. There's also a light gold Muse. This is just referring to your khaki question. But, it comes in white, chocolate, leopard and a lot more. Anyway, I think it also comes in a khaki kinda material. Let me find pics.
  4. yep yep. there's a orangey tan colored muse. it's very pretty. don't know how to post pics... sorry.
  5. i think there is tan AND an olive. there is a picture of me somewhere on the board with the medium tan.
  6. There's also gold and pewter if you're into metallics.
  7. Difficult decision: I just love them all.
  8. I think they have red as well.
  9. Speaking of the metallics, I have the bronze. I love it! I posted pics like last month.
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