Muse: Chocolate Or White?


White or Chocolate?

  1. chocolate

  2. white

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  1. I'm very tempted by NM's offer for the XL muse in either chocolate or white. I'm drawn to the white, but i'm worried it will only be useful in the summer - and won't be used at all in the fall/winter.

    what do you ladies think?

  2. I love the chocolate-not a fan of white bags.
  3. I think you'll get much more use out of the chocolate.
  4. What about black? If I want to get my initials embossed - they can only do it on the chocolate or white.... :sad:

    Does anyone have the chocolate? I'd love to see photo's of it IRL! It's really hard to tell from NM photo what the color looks like.
  5. My vote would be for the chocolate. I definitely think you will be able to use it more frequently than you would be able to use the white. The oversized white is nice, but I think it is somewhat seasonal. The chocolate you will be able to use year-round.

    In terms of the actual color, I think the NM picture is pretty accurate. The color is very, very dark, and if you are under dim lights, it almost looks black.

    I honestly don't think you can go wrong with either color though; the Muse is a great bag!
  6. White vs Chocolate? I have a hard time deciding myself. Thanks for setting up the poll.. =)

    I agree with angstofgumbly. From certain angles, the chocolate muse can be mistaken for black. There are a lot of white bags this season, Muse gets my vote. The surface (buffalo leather) of the bag gives me the impression that it can be maintained (smooth surface, no open pores to suck/trap dirt/dust). My primary concern is the white stitching, I really don't know how to clean it on the bag...

  7. I've been debating the chocolate one for awhile myself! I LOVE that shape! :smile:
  8. chocolate!
  9. I voted for the chocolate! I actually like the white color more, but with such a nice bag, I'd get something that wouldn't look so dirty after awhile.
  10. i'm totally liking the chocolate!
  11. Chocolate and black.
    IMG_3661.JPG IMG_3666.JPG
  12. ^^Thanks for posting photo's savannah - that really helps!!

    What size are your Muse bags?
  13. I voted white. Its definately a summer color but I think white looks great in the winter too. Its stands out and doesn't blend in the rest of the brown and black winter bags.
  14. I don't think you can go wrong with chocolate, black, or white! They are all great colors. I thought I wanted one in black but after seeing Savannah's pictures, maybe I should get a chocolate one!
  15. Well, I had both of them at one point. I returned the choco one back to YSL becuase I didn't want the medium. I recently sold the large black one to a PB member.