Muse Black Medium

  1. I just got this baby for my 30th birthday - yay - and wondering who else has this one. Do you use it as a shoulder bag? It's got an 8 inch clearance and fits nicely underneath my arm/shoulder - but the straps are rigid so they slip off. What's been your experience? The large was too big for my tastes and I'm quite petite. Thanks in advance!

  2. Congratulations!! I have the large black,and I wear it over my shoulder too. (like hands free...don't wear a bag that doesn't fit over shoulder!!)

    It's hard with jackets/coats...then it tends to slide off. I've taken this bag on holiday and hapily gone sightseeing with it,though,and it was very convenient.

    I'm sure you'll have lots of pleasure from your bag!

    Oh,and Happy Birthday!!
  3. thanks so much! that's what i figured. i also figure they will loosen up a bit as it gets worn it....
  4. Happy birthday wrinkledleather! Wow, what an excellent b-day gift you've received here.

    I have a Large Chocolate Muse (I'm only 5'4''), but I usually wear is on my shoulder or just on my arm. I'm waiting for the arrival of my Medium Ivory Muse.

    You'll love Muse the more you use it.