Muse bag still going strong?

  1. I keep seeing very stylish women with this bag. It seems to have some staying power. What do you YSL afficionados think?
  2. Well, I hope so. I just bought a large one black patent. :>:yahoo:
  3. Of course, it's no longer the hot "it" bag that it was in early 2006, but that was almost two years ago now. I agree that the Muse has staying power. I consider it a "new classic," if you will. I still carry mine and the style does not feel dated or trendy at all.
  4. I think you've come to the right place for validation! I love my Muse and will carry it forever!
  5. I think it is a classy and classic bag!
  6. I dont really care whether its outdated or not... its a classy purse not to mention expensive...
  7. Of all the bags that I have ever wished for, this one keeps its staying power on my list.
  8. All I have to say is I went to Saks in NYC today, and I was stunned by the wall of Marc Jacobs bags on sale - I have never seen so many styles on sale before. Could it be possible that they are not as popular as before?

    On the other hand, almost none of the YSL bags are on sale. I think the Muse and the downtowns are classics, and are becoming more and more desirable.
  9. Certainly hope so...just bought mine for about 1 month :biggrin:

  10. too...just bought my o/s blk patent muse for a month...although i've been in love with muse for more than a year...long story...:lol:
  11. Hello there - I am considering an oversize patent muse. Not sure if it would be too big for me though. I do love a big bag though so maybe....
    How does it compare for you. I have a downtown, love it, have a few large balenciagas ...but I've never seen the o/s muse. I am approx 5ft 6" and a size US6 to 8 so I'm not petite by any stretch of the imagination. How does your o/s work for you ??? I'd be really interested in your comments, thanks, Rachael
  12. I love the o/s size...I use it daily. I never used to use big bags but I love this one
  13. Mine is in large size, chocolate...I find the o/s too big and heavy for me :sweatdrop:
  14. I definitely think the muse has staying power. My first YSL was the coveted white muse that you saw photographed everywhere spring 2006. It is still one of my favorite bags to wear and I recently added the large dark leopard muse to my collection. It really is a classic style and can be worn so many ways. It transitions well from the office out to dinner or just casual on the weekends.
  15. Muse would stay classic...