Muse bag no more...

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  1. So I bought a Muse bag last year and have only used it about 5-10 times. I took it to my birthday dinner with me and someone spilled water on the bag. My friend recommended me to take it to this professional bag/shoe repair place in Beverly Hills. Keep in mind, this place cleans bags for Gucci, YSL, and other brand name stores.

    Well, I brought my Muse bag home and it's different! It's the same bag but it's not the same!!! The leather is all soft and not stiff like before. And the bottom of the bag is floppy.

    Ugh!!! What do I do??? I feel depressed.
  2. I don't have advice but I'm REALLY sorry that happened to you.
  3. Maybe it just needs to dry out more? Do you have photos? How does the color look? Maybe it's just still wet from solution?

    I'm very sorry.
  4. Can you contact the store and see what they can do?
  5. yeah...can we see photos of it