Muse Bag in Navy Blue

  1. Has anyone ever seen a navy blue muse bag? I saw one in a shop today and wondering if it is authentic?
  2. I've never seen one...
  3. I haven't seen or heard of one. I would call one of the YSL boutiques and ask them, as they have added quite a few new colors recently, such as red, biscotti, oak, etc.
  4. The large oak ($1295) is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I saw it at the YSL boutique in Houston, and I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with it!!! It matches brown or black, goes both it!
  5. I don't think it came in navy blue.
  6. Never saw nor heard of a navy blue muse.
  7. Never saw it, but it must look great. Shame we don't have any pics.
  8. On go to the s/s 07 accessories and there is a pic of one muse, #24 "Muse oversized bag in dark violet buffalo."

    Is this the color you saw? It is breathtaking! I had not heard about it until you mentioned it.
  9. It looks gorgeous in violet! I also love the ostrich violet muse wallet. A matching ostrich bag would be fabulous.
  10. Confirmed with the SA in YSL that they are bringing in a violet muse for S/S 2007. He also told me that it's likely to come only in a large. I'm crossing my fingers that they release a medium.
  11. The bag on YSL looks great but is says OS and not large.
  12. NO, I have not seen it either. You can call and ask the staff at the department store or the YSL boutique.
  13. A violet muse! I wonder what kind of color that would be. Please, if anyone finds out, please post photos!
  14. The violet is GORGEOUS. I saw it online today on YSL's site. They only show it in the oversize (XL) but I hope they bring it out in large as I've decided it has to be my next bag. (Since I love my black large muse so much).