Muse Bag For Men

  1. Hello everyone, I love the Muse bag and wonder if anyone can provide pics of the Muse for men ? I was about to purchase a Balenciaga Weekender (for men) but hesitate...
  2. :smile: there are two different versions of the "men's muse" that i know of...... the bottom photo is one of them in comparison to the oversized muse.


  3. Thanks for the pics !
  4. From my understanding the picture on the YSL web site is the Sac de Voyage which is the oversized Muse for Men. The picture above is the Muse Briefcase. The Sac de Voyage is meant to be used as an overnight bag while the Muse Briefcase is a work type of bag. The Sac de Voyage is approximately $US1895 while the briefcase was like $1495 (I think). The Sac de Voyage comes in suede, brown leather, black leather and a metallic color.
  5. Hi all, I just came across the YSL "Muse sac de voyage pour homme" and was wondering if anyone has any info (item no. for instance so I can quote to the SA) or where I could possibly track this down....any info will be much and truly appreciated...:tup:
  6. This is the one I am looking for:



    YSL Muse sac de voyage pour homme from 2007 and not available from the current YSL website...:crybaby:
  7. Good luck. They should be able to help you if you show them the pics.
  8. I just bought one! LOVE IT!
  9. ^^ OMG That is stunning! I LOVE that Stylefiend!
  10. :tup:That is awesome...mmm, I really need to get into a store this weekend as I don't see this on the website at all...its like a cross between the Muse briefcase and Rivoli tote almost......:nuts:

    What is this one called?
  11. OMG, this is so gorgeous! I'm starting to like YSL bags, esp the Muse. Congrats BIG time, stylefiend! :tup: