Muse availability?

  1. Ok, I'm headed to NYC the week after next intending to purchase a Muse in Chocolate, either Large or Oversize. Can any of you big-apple PFers give me a fill on how available the bag is in Chocolate at the YSL boutiques, or at Saks, Barneys, or Bergdorfs in NYC? I'd really appreciate it.

    I'm trying to determine whether I can purchase a Chocolate Muse on the spot in NYC after trying it on in-person--or if I should get on the phone right away to the boutique to get on a long waitlist...
  2. I saw a chocolate muse at the boutique and also at Bergdorf Goodman about a week and a half ago. Can't rember if they had Large or XL or both.
  3. try saks they may have the large in chocolate.
  4. I was just at Bergdorf's today and they definitely had the Chocolate in L. Not sure if I saw the XL.
  5. Thanks for the eyewitness reports ladies, I really appreciate it!

    I :heart: NY! Can't wait to shop.
  6. At the YSL on Madison, the different sizes seemed to be generally available in a number of the colors a week ago, but I can't remember which sizes they had in Chocolate. Their phone # is: 212-517-7400
    There's another YSL store on 57th Street as well.
  7. Great. Seems like I'll have no problem finding what I'm looking for!

    I was planning on heading to Madison (less touristy, usually more merchandise, better service), unless someone knows a reason I should head to 57th Street instead...
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