1. hello lovelies at YSL..hehe...i just bought a MACBOOK (13 inches screen, and about 1.1 inch thick) from APPLE. do you think a MUSE can be a great laptop carrier for my new computer?? i wonder if anyone has used a MUSE to carry a laptop before...and whether you found it to be sturdy. thanks!!:flowers::flowers:
  2. I bought my muse for the sole purpose of totting my powerbook 15" around! I have the choco XL Muse. The muse is definitely sturdy enough for a laptop along with all the rest of my belongings. (IPOD, notebook, make-up pouch, clutch wallet, sunglasses, keys etc.):yes:

    The only thing about carrying the laptop is, if you position the laptop right in the middle, the bottom would sag due to the sheer weight of it. I position it at an angle, diagonally and place my wallets and other stuffs beside the laptop to "keep" the laptop from slipping into the center of the bag. If you need, i can take a picture of my bag interior to show how i do it. :graucho:

    I would say definitely go for the muse. It is one of my best splurge so far!:wlae:
  3. oh wow, it sounds great! can you take a picture, as well as the angle that u spoke about? im excited! thanks so much!
  4. I use my Muse for my I-Book as well. I agree with luna on the positioning of the laptop. The best thing is that the muse is sooo durable. It can defintely handle the weight of the Mac.
  5. Me too. I bought my Muse solely as a Lap-Top Bag for my 12 inch Asus! But I put a piece of Cardboard on the bottom of the Bag so it doesn't sag!

    Just like with an LV speedy.