Muse Anthracite/ Pewter

  1. Hi everyone, I know this Anthacite color came out last year, and some stores still has the Muse in large and oversize, but I am desperately trying to find it in the Medium (smallest) size. Does anyone know if this still exists or do I pretty much just have eBay to try and find it? And I have been diligently looking at eBay for months, and there has been no pewter colors in any sizes!! Thank you!
  2. I have been looking for this for a while and no luck. eBay is pretty much your only option. And looks like the people who own the minis love them too much.
  3. Have you tried calling the YSL boutiques? I purchased my anthracite large Muse from the Chicago store last month. Good luck!
  4. I was looking for a mini metallic muse and Mike from YSL Houston checked around for me and could not find one.
  5. Yeah, my SA re-checked for me and he said it's not available anywhere, nor are they ordering more, so it's gone!! So I gave in and got the Large size since I already have 3 XL!! We'll see how much I like the large size :smile:
  6. Any photos of this color?
  7. Oh wow! Where can I find a large size of the anthracite?
  8. I just got one from a lovely TPFer! It's the one in my avatar. I'm trying to figure out how to care for the leather before I use it.
  9. nadia, I'm trying to PM you, could you enable your PM function?
  10. Here's a photo of my medium one. I'm not sure where to find any at this point. I treated mine by spraying it with Apple Garde Rain & Stain Repellant coat--just lightly and just one coat. I did that because the metallics can scratch more easily than the regular buffalo Muses. It sems to have been the right thing for me to do because my Muse continues to have a nice finish.

  11. I love that size!! Congrats! I'm so jealous!