muse 2 scratches??

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  1. hi everyone,

    i just got my first ysl bag, a blue grey muse 2. it actually came w/ a few scratches on it, and i was wondering if there's any way to buff these out or something. i'm ok w/ the current scratches, but the leather seems a bit susceptible to future scratches as well, so i was hoping someone could let me know what the solution to this is. does ysl have a service like chanel or hermes? or is there a leather conditioner that can help? thanks in advance!
  2. Great question! :tup: I too would like to know the answer! When I got my Multicolor Muse II I noticed a couple scratches on the front and though you can only see them close up I'd really like to get rid of them. I'm hoping there's a good conditioner out there that I can try.