Muscular legs...?

  1. Ok I need some advice here...

    I'm currently working on losing about 8 pounds or so.

    I'm 16 1/2 years old, 5'2'', and 123 pounds. I'm very active, and have trained in the martial arts for the past 7 years. I'm pretty sure that I have stopped growing.

    I build muscle very easily... especially in my legs. I'm doing a lot of cardio so once I get going I don't think I'll have a problem losing the fat-- it's my legs I'm concerned with. Because I am short, my legs are too, and as soon as I gain weight, it's stored in my thighs.

    What I want to do is slim my upper legs/thighs without adding any more muscle. I don't have a problem with my calves or ankles... they stay pretty slender. :smile:

    Help would be greatly appreciated! Any advice?
  2. keep doing all that cardio you're the treadmill, elliptical, etc.

    also drink lots of water
  3. i would stay away from machines that target those areas of the body. to get a good cardio work out, try the row machine...itll target your upper body and help you burn fat and not ATP.
  4. Well, first of all, try searching as this topic has been discussed many times before. Secondly, at 16.5, you're not always done growing. Thirdly, typically, highly repetetive motions don't build muscle, so usually, any cardio should be fine. I know the elliptical machines at my gym are adjustable so that you can set the height to where your thigh muscles aren't used as much. Maybe check on that.
  5. :confused1: :confused1: :confused1:
    You don't ever "burn" ATP (I kind of talked about this in the yoga/Pilates thread)

    ATP= Adenosine Triphosphate (for those who don't know) It is a high-energy phosphate molecule required to provide energy for cellular function. It's produced both aerobically & anaerobically and stored in the body.

    In order for muscle contraction to occur there must be sufficient ATP present near the actin & myosin proteins. Although ATP IS an energy source, it's not something you "burn" like fat. It drives muscle contractions.
  6. Cassidy... thank you for clearing that up! I wasn't sure what ATP even was!!!!
  7. You just need to do cardio and do not lift any weights or do machines that focus on lower body.
  8. Also elliptical work out is easier on the leg muscles than running , also on treadmill. My leg muscles diminished quite a bit when I started doing elliptical work out only, even though I was still working quite hard. Upper body targeting is a good idea because more muscles = burn more calories, no matter where the muscles are located.
  9. Keep in mind, too, that everyone has their own natural shape and you cannot always change that. If that's the case, build up your upper body to balance your appearance. We are all built differently and some of us will never ever look like the teeny thin models we see in magazines. It's just physically impossible for some women. I am not trying to be a downer or anything -- I just hate to see women fight with themselves their whole life because they are never happy with their body. It sounds like you are in great shape - embrace yourself for who you are! :flowers:
  10. ITA with this - great advice :nuts:

    To the OP, you're only 16 years old. Like Charles said, you're not done growing. Genetics plays a big factor into body types. For example, I will never (ever!) be one of those super-thin, willowy girls who wears a size 2 and eats anything she likes. I have a booty (a big one, at that) and a curvy lower body, and my upper body puts on muscle fairly easily. Like mokoni said, embrace yourself for who you are :smile:
  11. actually, doing some weight training might very well help tone those muscles as you lose weight. if you do really high rep, lower weight strength exercises, you WONT build muscle.

    it important to do lower body weight training to keep the balance of strength in your body, especially since youre going to be using your lower body for cardio- for everything!

    i too have muscular legs, and i do LOTS of lower body weights! it helps me alot, the results are fantastic. make sure you do the major ones- quads, hamstrings, hip abductor and adductor, as well as stuff that targets glutes as well like lunges and leg press, etc. aim for something like 15-20 reps, 3 sets.

    people always say oh i have muscular legs from doing sports as a kid, etc. i think thats a misconception. nothing can really determine your propensity towards muscularity like genetics can. so even if you werent athletic your whole life, you would still have this tendency. its just how we're built!