1. Ther is a paddington on LVR called muscade. What color is that?
  2. Hi, it's a new fall colour, I checked few weeks ago a cataloque at chloe boutique and they had some pictures of bags in this colour - from what I've seen this far it looks gorgeous to me:P Can't wait to see bags in real :graucho:

    It seems to look much darker in LVR pictures, well it wouldn't be first time when their pics show colour wrong.... I purchased my taupe paddy from LVR and in their pics it looked like totally different colour but I'm glad I loved the taupe anyway :heart:

    In the pics at chloe it looked a bit like 05 tan (as dark/light tone) but it wasn't that orangey... it was a more a bit more beigeish than 05 tan. It was very neutral and pretty colour but definitely not as dark as in LVR pics.

    I suppose Chloe's own pictures show the true colour better but ofcourse I cant be 100% sure :rolleyes:
  3. That's interesting. I thought it was a dark like whiskey.
  4. Yea it definitely looks more like whiskey on LVR, you're right.
    ...But honestly I'm not 100% sure how it looks in real :shame:

    I also noticed their new cream colour looks a bit pinkish cream tone on LVR and in real it's beigeish cream so they often have quite misleading photos :shrugs:
  5. What's the name of the new cream color?
  6. ^^That cream color is really pretty.
  7. I have a wallet that might be the muscade colour (not sure about the colour name but I took it to chloe boutique and that's what they were guessing), it's here with large tan paddington. Does anyone know if this wallet really is muscade or what colour is it then..? Thanks :flowers:
    1 tan.jpg
  8. According to the SA at Chloe in Sloane Street, the new tan bag for F/W is called Canelle. She said it was in between Tan and Whiskey. I mentioned the LVR Muscade and Jade colours that I had seen on their site but she had no knowledge of those colours and told me to be careful ordering off websites. She would obviously reccommend that I purchase from the Chloe store. BTW I love the Muscade colour (if that's what your wallet is) but I already have the Tan which is too similar.
  9. Sonja, I think your wallet might be the new tan. The LVR website has tan for some of the designs.
  10. Thanks, I hadn't realized it could be the new tan - that's what it propably is! :biggrin:
  11. Sorry but I think muscade is darker.
  12. The muscade is definitely more like the whiskey colour... shame LVR don't seem to show every colour on their site, but NAP do...