Muscade vs Whiskey

  1. Hi! Am still lurking here and considering purchasing a paddy. I love the whiskey color, but the new "muscade" color looks really great to me too. I have only seen the muscade color from pictures off of the LVR website and it looks so great, BUT someone here thought that the colors shown on their website don't accurately represent the color in real life. Any one agree? Any thoughts? Would you hold out for the muscade color and would there be a chance then that the whiskey would no longer be available? :shrugs: Thank goodness for this forum where I can have thoughts and stress over things that most people would consider shallow and ridiculous... I :heart: you all!
  2. Hi ilove2shop,

    From what I've read on this forum, Chloe will not be making the Paddy in Whiskey this season but you're right that the colors on their website don't quite match the colors in real life. Do a search for "Muscade"in the Chloe forum...there were quite a few posts about this color.