Muscade paddy or Chocolate??

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  1. Hello all, I already own a Muscade paddy but have recently been thinking the Chocolate is TDF. What are your suggestions/recommendations if I had to choose one or the other? Thanks for your help!
  2. I really like Muscade... I think it's a great neutral brown. But I LOVE paddy chocolate. It's such a warm, beautiful color. I probably wouldn't own both, because the colors are so similar, and if I had to choose one, I'd choose the chocolate.

    Can you sell your muscade and buy the chocolate?
  3. Chocolate is gorgeous! I would definitely get it if I had the chance!
  4. Chocolate is gorgeous, no question. But the thing I like about muscade/nutmeg is that I can wear it with browns AND blacks, whereas if I wear a chocolate bag with blacks I feel like I look like I forgot to change my bag! LOL! Perhaps I'm too matchy-match, but if you could only have one, I'd say muscade. Then again, you might need to have both!
  5. I have to agree with blugenie! I love my chocolate chloe, but am thankful i also have mousse so i can mix it up with blacks. If you can, save up for both- it will be worth it! If not, keep the muscade as it will go with more.
  6. I ended up with the chocolate paddy and the muscade edith...It worked out well. When I first only had the edith in muscade I didn't like her until I had the chocolate..then I started to love the
    I would recommend the chocolate first and then the muscade down the line...maggie
  7. :heart: I love the chocolate more than the muscade!
  8. hmmm... I kind of agree that I wouldn't wear chocolate with black... and I wear a lot of black, so if I were going to choose just one, I'd say Muscade.
  9. Wow, this is exactly what I have done! I got the chocolate Paddy first, then the muscade Edith second. I haven't started using the Edith yet. But I do think muscade looks a lot better on the Edith than the Paddy. A muscade Paddy doesn't look as impressive as a chocolate one.