Muscade Paddy is finally here - and the lock is broken!

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  1. I bought a bag recently from someone who didnt tell me the padlock was broken and that it was a "feature" of Chloe - no way! I would never have bought it like that. Anyway they said they could close it fine if you held the lock pused in with one hand and turn the key only something like 8 degrees or something and that it closes fine - you should try that
  2. Incidentally to send lock back to Chloe it takes months to get back so if you go that route be prepared to wait
  3. Just an update.....I got my husband to open the lock and fix it on Thursday night. Took him all about 30 seconds, so I figure that's much easier than to send it back for an exchange (looking at a 4-week possible turn-around). :rolleyes: I do have to give it a good shove to click it shut though.

    I took her out on Friday, and got very favourable comments from my mother and mother-in-law :okay: who wouldn't have a clue about Chloe.

    It's definite love again! :heart: Sometimes I just get her out of the dustbag and stare at her! :heart:
  4. Oh, and I haven't received a reply from NAP yet. :wtf:

  5. That's good to hear! :tup: I dare not open the lock and also dare not bring to the locksmith... just in case, scared to have more damage done while getting the lock fixed:sweatdrop:
  6. I know! I was so scared DH was going to scratch the lock. I was saying, "Please be careful!!!" But it was a chance I had to take!
  7. I just love muscade and am happy to hear you were able to repair but these quality issues are very troubeling for bags that are over the 1000 euro mark.
  8. Was it hard to get the skrews out of the back of the lock? Sounds interesting that you saw inside it - I'm strangely intruiged...
  9. i've heard bout the bummer locks being duds before. gets me nervous to get one sometimes for that reason. but hey, your husband did it! what a handy man, and especially what a keeper ;) hopefully you could enjoy your bag now.

    hehe bellacherie, yeah, she got to see what was inside the lock. i find that kind of intruging too. well, hopefully none of us will have to encounter that, or at least we'll know what to expect
  10. Sorry to disappoint, but I personally didn't get to see inside the lock. Hubby had it for about 30 seconds when I went over to the table and he was already doing the screws back up. Yes, he's a pretty handy guy! :yes: :heart:
  11. So glad it's all fixed now. You may not have heard from NAP 'cos it's a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK.
  12. PHEW! Glad it's all sorted :sweatdrop: Hope you are going to be very happy with your lovely new paddy.
    We need pics now she's all better!!!!!
  13. yes, I was just about to add its a holiday here in the UK today. NAP will contact you, I always find their customer service to be second to none :smile:

    So glad your fab hubby fixed it for you, a paddy isnt a paddy without the padlock! lol

  14. I love it when you write so I can stare at your Avatar's David Beckam;). What a hottee.
  15. Used it again today - it's such a beautiful bag! I'm so happy I went with this colour for my first Paddy!