Muscade Paddy is finally here - and the lock is broken!

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  1. Well, she's beautiful anyway! I've had her in my possession for about 24 hours now - after a very anxious 2 week wait! :yahoo:

    The leather, colour, and shape is just perfect!!! :yes: :heart:

    But when I inspected the bag closely and I found that it had some dirty black markings inside on the canvas. However, this did not worry me too much.

    Then about half an hour ago I decided to take off the padlock to feel the weight of it. When I went to put it back onto my bag, the lock would not close. I have just had my husband take a look and he could not close it either. (We live on a farm, so we know how padlocks are supposed to work!)

    What should I do? I can't use a lock that won't close! I was going to taking her on her first outing tomorrow too!

    I've just emailed NAP but has anyone else had this problem?

  2. Aww nelstar! Chloe has quality control problems - sorry you have been caught up in them! You will be able to get an exchange I would imagine.

    My sable lock sticks sometimes so the top part cannot swing around 360 degrees.

    Can you post pics?
  3. Unfortunately my digi cam keeps dying. We keep changing the batteries, it'll turn on and then off again, so we think there's something wrong with it. :sad:

    Would I have to return the WHOLE bag to NAP though? I'd just cut off the "return tag" earlier. :Push:
  4. I'm really not sure, it would certainly be easier to just return the lock. Have they responded yet? From the sounds of things this could have been a return... what do you think?
  5. I haven't heard back yet, but probably won't until this evening, given the time difference.

    I'm bummed because I loooooove it so much! Or did, until an hour ago!!! :crybaby:
  6. Yikes! What a frustrating situation!!! I'd be very upset indeed. I certainly hope they'll exchange it without a problem!
  7. At this stage I think I might ask DH to have a look at the padlock tonight. He's pretty good at fixing things, so hopefully if he can carefully undo the base screws he may be able to fix it.

    I have this sick feeling in the bottom of my stomach though. I was feeling deliriously happy all day yesterday and this morning because I thought the stressful wait was well and truly worth it for such a beautiful bag! :crybaby:

    I know that there are far more important issues than a dodgy lock on a bag, but I've been under a lot of stress lately and now I just feel that this is just one more hassle to add to my list/mountain of problems! :rolleyes:
  8. I'd rather not have to exchange the whole bag, if I can help it. I read on NAP's website that they'll only accept returns if sent through DHL. Unfortunately DHL doesn't deliver/pick-up in my state, so just trying to send it back could be a problem. :sad:
  9. Ohhhh what a terrible shame :sad:

    You must arrange an exchange though Nelstar - you can't pay all that money for a defective bag and the padlock is such a fundemental part of the design so it needs to be right IMO :yes:

    I've always found NAP to to be very accomodating and I'm sure they will sort out the problem. They'll recommend a postal service I should think and pay your costs I hope. Whether you will have to send the whole bag back or just the padlock I don't know :okay:

    Really sorry to hear you're having these problems and I hope it all works out :flowers:
  10. nelstar, can you try closing the padlock with the key pushing-in simultaneously?:idea:
    This trick works for my Choco paddy:yes:
  11. The lock was broken when I bought a paddington wallet from NAP. I asked them if they could just replace the lock but they made me send the whole wallet back. If you have emailed and explained the situation to them straight away they should be ok that you cut your tag off. They were with my wallet anyway. Good luck!!
  12. Oh no, hope you get it all sorted and it doesn't detract from your love of your paddy.
  13. Hi nelstar, just like soleil said, you may try push the top of the lock harder and hold it while turn the key. Sometimes my lock doesn't close and it works when I do that, hope it helps~ :tup:
  14. I was about to add, try using the key to lock it back up. I have got one padlock which WILL NOT lock without using the key!!!

    Hope it works, hope you don't have to send the bag back, nothing worse when you have had the chance to get your hands on it, finally.

    Good luck.
  15. Ah no Nelstar! Nightmare! I'm sure if you explain they will let you send the lock back by itself, but hopefully the handy hints above will help you to sort your lock.

    Whn I got my Paddy I paniced cuz my hardware was slightly diff colours, thought I had a fake. Felt sick about it till i spoke with NAP who confirmed this can happen. It's so disapointing when something goes wrong. :crybaby:

    Hope you get it sorted soon :yes: