MUSCADE Do you own it? Do you love it?

  1. I need some help with some pros and cons. I am still trying to make a decision over this color. If any of you owners of this color out there have some thoughts, good, bad or otherwise, please let me know. Thanks for all your time!:wondering
  2. yes I have a edith in muscade and it's very very wearable. but must confess sometimes I worry about dirt marks..........
  3. I have the Paddy in muscade and love the color. It's a great brown.
  4. I have the paddy and cross body in muscade and they are both beautiful. It is a rich medium brown and goes with everything.
  5. I have the Edith in muscade! I think muscade looks better in the Edith than the Paddy. On the muscade Paddy I saw, the dye job was really uneven.

    On the muscade Edith, the contrast black stitching looks a lot more classic than the light coloured stitching of the whiskey or brun.
  6. ^Oh I think the muscade color on paddy leather is wonderful - I see it as rich and full of depth rather than flat/monochromatic which sometimes looks fake to me. Of course each bag is different so some might look spottier than others.

    Obviously I vote for muscade too - I went through countless brown-toned Chloes last year and find muscade as the most versatile (for me).
  7. I owned one for a minute or so, and then I had to return it because the bag was waaaaay too big.( It was the really large pocket paddy that's like an overnight bag, and I thought I was ordering the other pocket paddy that's smaller) Anyway, I hated sending it back to the store because I LOVED the color. It's an awesome neutral brown. I thought the color looked so pretty with the gold padlock.:heart:
  8. I bought the edith in muscade and was really disappointed because the sa described it as whiskey...then I got the Tracy Ad bag in whiskey and Tan and so I decided I had my whiskey and could return the Edith.
    I'm telling you this long story because what happened next was unexpected...I reach for the Edith more than any other bag I have...and I have lots...I can not believe how I now LOVE this color and bag AND how many people come up to me and say really stupid things like...can I just touch your bag...
    This was a new one for me...I love this color. maggie
  9. i think i have the muscade edith (it's also called nutmeg, right?) and i love mine. the blueish edges are nice, too.
  10. I have muscade large zippy paddington and I love the colour, it's nice warm brown shade, it's less orangey compared to whiskey and tan. BTW all the muscade paddingtons I've seen this far have had nicely pebbled and soft leather..!! :heart: :yes: :graucho:
  11. I have a muscade paddy hobo, and I think it is fantastic. Very versatile and is just what I wanted it a brown.
  12. I own the Edith in muscade and I think I get the most compliments wearing this more than any of my other Chloe Bags. My co-workers (who get to see all my bags) have also deemed this their favorite. I think it is both the color and the Edith's classic shape that wins people over. I also have a jade Edith, but everyone seems to like the muscade just seriously goes with everything. You can't go wrong with it.
  13. oh, i am falling for the muscade too :heart:... would anyone be able to post pics?

    from the pics at NAP and aloharag, it looks like a really rich, more cool-toned brown than the whisky and less yellow than the tan, would that be accurate?
  14. I have had a hard time photographing this color for some reason. It is definitely not orangey undertoned like the whiskey, but I wouldn't say that it is a cool brown either. It is less yellow than the tan, but it is a very rich warm shade of brown. For a really bad comparison, a friend said to me it kind of reminds her of the color of peanut butter, and I hate to say it but she is kind of right. So a brown with kind of a 'nutty' undertone? :shame:
    chloe outside 2 (Small).jpg
  15. swooooon....gorgeous!