1. what about the GAYMAN~

    he is so addicted to my purses, and his Murse (man purse, ie: hot messanger bag that i bought it from wilsons) that i bought a dooney purse yesterday, a dooney purse today, a coach purse today, a coach coin purse today, and a coach keyfob today.


    ouch. that was HIS influence!

    soooo what about the GAYMAN???

    hes going to collect murses, and is planning on joining the forum...


    he's thinking about the name "SirDooney"
  2. dont be scared, doesn't anyone know anyone who makes cute messanger bags?

  3. prada does and i've seen a lot of men carrying them...classic, black can find them at nieman marcus, Saks and eluxury...
  4. coincidence? we were just gandering at some prada ;)

    he liked a NICE black one at Dooney but of course his eyebaaaallllls are bigger than our bank account lol! he saw one he wanted for like 400 bucks! like omG! lol he's got some nice taste hehe. i hope we can get it before it's gone from the Factory Store! he'd be crushed!

    we should look at prada more, although my goodness it's expensive.
  5. ive seen the D&B bag but im still looking... prada did have a few good selections but there is something about the style that im just not exactly hooked on~
  6. Mulberry has some fabulous man bags-but they are $$$$!:yes:
  7. Coach has some very nice messenger bags for men. $348 for this one.

  8. i told you gayman, the ones at coach are nicey nice.

    i also looked at burberry and think we should go to that outlet store next time we go to freeport. i know we almost went in there but seeing how much dough we spent in the first 2 purse stores AND we went to Harry and David's (those chips sucked!) we had to stay out. man bag in your future gayman. promise!
  9. we have more and more men on here
    but the most of them stay pretty quiet
    maybe a little bit more of fabulous is what we need!

  10. :wlae: i'll let him know you said that and tell him he should make himself more present! lol the gayman will be around, he LOVES TPF! :wlae:
  11. i love the coach messengers...

    i've always wanted one myself when i used to be into menswear. i love how they're so clean and sharp, not distracting, but at the same time eye-catching because they're beautifully simple! i have a portfolio that i used for interviews that my bf always used to steal when he was also job-hunting. :smile: they're attractive!

    i like tumi stuff too...
  12. Well I cannot wait to meet him because he sounds like a wonderful person.
  13. here i am!!! the *gayman* is here... and loves dooooney&bourke!!
  14. Prada and LV make nice messenger bags for men.