Murphy's Law must apply

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  1. I had a $2000 splurge budget. I waited in vain for MONTHS for my Holy Grail Chloe Marcie Satchel to come in stock in large/black.

    So I purchased a Vuittton bag last week.

    Of course now Neiman Marcus has the Marcie in stock now ONLINE no less.

    another $2000 is not in the budget right now. I don't want to rack up CC debt that I can't pay off in a couple of weeks but this is so tempting.

  2. Sell something else from your closet
  3. Can you return the LV for another time if unused?

    Marcies are pretty rare in the UK, so I'd be tempted to grab that before the LV
  4. I had the LV heatstamped. Can't return.

    I'm gonna make my mind up by tonight. But if I buy it, I cannot buy Anything until 2017 because I also just booked a very pricey girls trip.
  5. If you open a Neiman Marcus credit card you can get no interest for 6 months on purchases of $2000 or more :smile:
  6. Somehow we always find a way, even if that means a few months sweating at the thought of paying for it and the sick feeling as soon as we hand over the credit card :smile:. Despite the heat stamp its a shame LV dont do refunds if you buy instore and thats the main thing that puts me off.
  7. I'm gonna wait til.....If it's meant to be, it will be.
    I already have a NM credit card, just not interested in that option right now since I missed all of the good $500 plus double points deals they had in March.