Murders in Ipswich

Jan 23, 2006
Here in the UK we seem to have a new serial killer...5 women have been murdered in Ipswich in the last few weeks. My sister lives alone there so I am a little anxious...

Has this news been reported in the US?

Yup! Ive been following this nightmare for a while now ! We get BBC America here! so its been on the news alot. I hope they catch this monster before he stikes again. :confused1:
Mar 22, 2006
Yes they have said women should not go out alone...she lives on her own so has to but she drives most places. She calls me or my mother and lets us know where she is going. Ipswich is not a huge place (140,000 population) so its quite scary. She said it is like a ghost town at one walking the streets