Murders in Ipswich

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  1. Here in the UK we seem to have a new serial killer...5 women have been murdered in Ipswich in the last few weeks. My sister lives alone there so I am a little anxious...

    Has this news been reported in the US?
  2. We haven't heard anything yet. Sometimes watching the news over here can be so frustrating.
  3. Do you get much news from the UK?
  4. No, haven't heard anything of this in the news -alarming to say the least!!!
  5. As far as getting news -some things we get from the AP - Associated Press, but nothing has made headlines here...SCARY!!!
  6. i checked and online the search for Ipswich murders only came up with articles from the BBC and the UK. nothing in the US.
  7. Scary they showed photos of a couple of vicitims and one had dark hair and the other 2 blonde, so sad!! Why would someone do something so horrific.
  8. Apparently the person responsible is the fastest serial killer in UK history...

  9. YIKES!!!!....Wow, i hope they catch this SICK person FAST!!!!
  10. I just saw this story posted on - that is so scary!

    Are the police, etc. telling people (like your sister who live close to the area) what to do (like stay in, etc).
  11. Yup! Ive been following this nightmare for a while now ! We get BBC America here! so its been on the news alot. I hope they catch this monster before he stikes again. :confused1:
  12. Ive heard, not too much though, theyre comparing him to the 1888 jack the ripper.... :confused1:
  13. I also heard that all of his victims were prostitues like the 1888 Jack the Ripper.. is this guy trying to make this a prank?
  14. Yes they have said women should not go out alone...she lives on her own so has to but she drives most places. She calls me or my mother and lets us know where she is going. Ipswich is not a huge place (140,000 population) so its quite scary. She said it is like a ghost town at one walking the streets