Murderer feeds prostitutes' remains to his pigs

  1. Hes eligible for parole in 10 years....screw that. Especially since he was disappointed in himself that he was only able to kill 49 women, and not make it to his goal of 50.

    Sick b*stard.

  2. That's so horrible!!! That as*hole deserves to burn in hell. He's so sick! How do his lawyers sleep at night?!?
  3. Honest I don't think he's ever going to be granted parole.
  4. This guy is more disgusting and dangerous than Michael Myers and Leatherface combined.

    I say we grind him up and feed him to his pigs.
  5. why did I even open this thread? I knew I would be grossed out...
  6. Poor pigs...
  7. Just wow.
  8. Yup!

    He's a pig farmer.. can you imagine if the pigs then sold to markets or whatever and humans eat the meat? double yikes!
  9. OMG that is terrible.
    He should be banished forevermore.
  10. very disturbing!

    a lot of very sick people out there...
  11. Another good reason why we shouldn't eat pork???
  12. What saddens me is 49 women lost their lives to his perversions.
  13. OMG shut up!!:lol: I was thinking the same thing before i read your post.. I was like, for a death sentence they should just feed him, to his pigs..LMAO eye for eye.... But seriously that guy is SICK.. Its sad that there are people like this that exist....
  14. Don't get me started on our good ol' Canadian justice system ...
  15. Uggg, I've heard this was a great way to get rid of a body, feeding it to the pigs. Apparently they are very thorough and eat everything.

    Where I live a woman killed her husband (so many believed) but they couldn't find the body. It was thought that she fed DH to their pigs.:throwup: