Murder She Wrote

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  1. I know there are no more than 2 more members who care but.....

    Jessica Fletcher is back on the Hallmark channel weeknights at 10 and 11 CST. I am so excited.
  2. I love Murder She Wrote!!! I own almost most of the box sets.

  3. No Way!!! I really didnt think anybody would post here! It really is my secret shame. I like the earlier episodes better. The ones that mostly took place in Cabot Cove. Funny how such a small town saw so many murders. I guess we were supposed to overlook that small fact.
  4. Hey Priss !!!!***waves*** I think I've seen all the Murder She Wrote episodes cause I keep seeing repeats LOL! I also like Perry Mason :okay:.
  5. Priss you are HILARIOUS!!!! I never appreciated this show when it originally aired, but I watch it sometimes now...I thought it was already coming on...maybe it's als another channel. LOL
  6. envyme,

    You better get out of here. I was adopted and I swear you must be my birth sister!! I LOVE Perry Mason. Here is a newsbit for you. There was an episode of Perry Mason based on a college campus and the murderer was caught by a re-enactment of a telephone call she claimed she made but never did. Murder She Wrote aired the exact same story line. I will find the titles of both episode for you.

    In fact, I remember the MSW epi was one of the ones that didn't feature Jessica Fletcher. She only came on for the first 5 minutes.
  7. Ladybug09

    If you know of a network that airs MSW, please post it. The Hallmark channel airs it, but they stopped just before Thanksgiving. I wasn't sure if it was coming back.

    I'm dating a new guy who does not understand why I have to get off the phone when it comes on. Or, if he's at my house- he doesnt understand why he has to repeat thing 5 times because I wasnt paying attention the first 4.

    He's a nice enough guy- understands/ supports my LV habit, spoils me, etc. But his ass is outta here if he doesnt recognize his place when it come to my Jessica Fletcher.
  8. I love this show.
  9. Me, too -- I love this show! I even went through the trouble to find mrs Fletcher's bike and have one shipped from the UK! I don't ride it but it makes me happy just having a Jessica Fletcher bike!
  10. I watch Murder She wrote everyday except Sundays because now we have 2 hours of Colombo on sundays instead of Murder she wrote . lol.

    I grew up watching Matlock, Murder she wrote, Diagnosis: Murder and etc. hehe. :P
  11. I used to watch, "Murder She Wrote" with my grandparents when I was little.
  12. ^^ ME TOO QueenMaa

    My grandfather in particular loved TV mysteries. I get a little sad just remembering sitting on his lap while we watched Murder She Wrote, Columbo & Matlock. This thread brings back some good memories. :heart:
  13. ack! I didn't realize it was back!! I'm going to have to check the guide as soon as I get home! I've been fighting off purchasing the MSW and Golden Girls box sets at target for months!! I remember watching MSW marathons at my Grandpa's when I had the chicken pox, even though he always said "whatre ya watchin this malarky fer?" (scottish) he still let me watch to my hearts content! oh MSW memories!!
  14. Yup - it's back!! *Happy Dance* :smile:
  15. Love Murder she wrote! The theme tune is playing in my head right now:P