Murder Mystery, Suspense, Thriller suggestions:

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  1. Sorry if they already have a thread like this I looked and didn't find any.

    I love murder mysteries, suspense and thrillers, such as one that are from Mary Higgins-Clark...what is your favoirt book in these catagories.
  2. I like Patricia Cornwell's books about a medical examiner named Scarpetta and her serial killer/ murder investigations. They're very suspenseful with lots of forensics if you like that kind of thing.
  3. Terri Gerristen.....The Surgeon is the first in the series....I :heart: them....tough woman detective and wonderful details....I'm on book 5 and have loved every single one of them.
  4. Tami Hoag has some really good murder mysteries.
    Lisa Gardner's The Perfect Husband is awesome!
    Lisa Jackson, Tess Gerritsen, Kathy Reichs, Tim Green, Alex Berenson, David Baldacci are some of the authors I have read and enjoyed. I'm sure more names will come to me but maybe you can start with these :smile:
  5. This is, by far, my favorite genre!

    Here are a few of my favorite authors...

    Elizabeth George
    Jacqueline Winspear
    Simon Brett
    Craig Johnson
    Bill Pronzini
    Marcia Muller
    Daniel Silva
    PD James
    Ed McBain
  6. Nicci French
    Robert Goddard (anyone wanting something totally gripping, try his first novel 'Past Caring')
    Linwood Barclay
    John Bingham (it's out of print, but he wrote a book called 'My name is Michael Sibley' that I could read over and over....)
    Elizabeth George
    Barbara Vine

    Definitely my favourite category!
  7. Thanks!
  8. This is my favorite genre too! I loved Agatha Christie's work, too. Thanks for these recommendations, I'm going to look these authors up.
  9. I'm loving the Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child! And I know James Patterson is well-known by pretty much everyone, but his Alex Cross series is my absolute favorite!
  10. I really like the books by Lisa Gardner.
  11. If you're into forensics, specifically forensic anthropology, I really like both Kathy Reichs and Jefferson Bass - they're both PhDs in forensic anthropology and William Bass (of Jefferson Bass) started the Body Farm in Tennessee. Also good is Beverly Connor.
  12. oooh, that sounds right up my alley. I love forensics and the Body Farm is so fascinating!
  13. Definitely check them out then! I'm actually a grad student in forensic anthro, and Jefferson Bass books are the most accurate, followed really closely by Kathy Reichs (Reichs is great too, I've just seen a couple of things that make me cringe). They're really accurate, except the part where the hero almost dies in every book - I know a lot of forensic anthropologists, and I'm pretty sure none of them have ever almost died on a case, haha! :smile:
  14. I'm so jealous. I'm a biologist, but I think forensics was my true calling. I will check their books out, thank you! :smile:
  15. Loving all these suggestions, thanks!