Murder in my neighborhood

  1. I am at the shore house hunting this weekend, and all of a sudden, my neighbors are calling me panicking. I could not believe what I heard. Then my neighbor emails me this link.

    Death a 'likely homicide,' DA says; 'person of interest' being held

    Posted by Precious Petty October 21, 2007 13:21PM

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    [​IMG]Express-Times Photo | SUE BEYERA Pennsylvania State Police trooper who specializes in forensics enters the home today x in Forks Township.
    Forks Township police are investigating a "suspicious death" at a house. Northampton County Coroner Zachary Lysek this evening said the dead woman was Toni Ann Pautienus, 43. Northampton County property records list Pautienus as the homeowner, and neighbors today said she is the deceased. Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli said the death is "likely" a homicide, pending the outcome of an autopsy, which Lysek said would be conducted today to determine cause and manner of death. Morganelli would not identify the victim, other than to say she had been missing for several days and that authorities entered the home at 6 this morning and found her body. Morganelli said a "person of interest" is in custody and had not been charged as of 5:30 p.m. today. Morganelli said the public is not in any danger.

    A prepared statement from police Chief Greg Dorney says,
    "The investigation is ongoing and focusing on two persons whose identities and locations are known to officials. It should be made known that at no time during this investigation was there a known danger or risk to the general public."
    Northampton County District Attorney's Office is expected to release additional information Monday, the release says.
    Property records indicate Pautienus has lived in the home at least since 2001, and this isn't the first time police have been there. Authorities were called to the house in September 2006 after Pautienus' husband, Aragon Emerson Pautienus, allegedly kicked her in the ribs, tried to throw her down stairs and said he wanted her to die. Aragon Pautienus later pleaded guilty to simple assault and a judge sentenced him to probation, Pennsylvania court records indicate. Terroristic threats and harassment charges against him were withdrawn.
    Neighbors said police began going door-to-door Saturday afternoon asking questions about Toni Ann Pautienus. They returned early this morning and wound yellow police tape around the property, closing Sycamore Avenue at Wagonwheel Drive in the process.
    Several police vehicles were parked in front of the two-story house, one of them in the driveway beside a black sport utility vehicle. Investigators walked in and out of the home through the garage door as a small group of neighbors looked on from across the street. The house is decorated for fall, with corn stalks clustered around the front door and mailbox and an autumn-themed fan hanging near the porch.
    Many people move to bedroom communities such as Forks Township to get away from violent crime. What is crime like in our suburbs? Post a comment below or visit our Easton Suburbs forum.

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    We are a very quiet community, and nothing ever happens. We never see or hear police officers where I live, it's awesome. I am so sad about this (and relieved that we are at the shore, and not up in PA at home today!) My son's school bus stop is right across the street from this house (6 blocks away from my house). I feel so sick!
    Thank Goodness I'm moving!
    I'll keep you all updated!
  2. Oh my gosh, how scary!! I hope they catch whoever did it. Stay safe!
  3. From what my one neighbor (who knows everyones business), she said that it was the boyfriend that lived in the house who was taken into custody. Apparently there is a big history of him beating her, and there was one time he broke her ribs, and tried to push her down the stairs. She said that he was big into drugs and such but she stayed with him because she thought she could change him.
    She also said that they were staking out the house last night, and they were monitoring the boyfriend and noticed that he was packing (to skip town), but when he left the house is when they arrested him.
    ugh, I feel so bad.
  4. Wow, this is really awful. It is very unnerving when something like this happens right where you live. :sad:
  5. That is really scary. That gives me the chill. Being so close to home..
  6. Oh my least you are safe and they have the man in custody. Stay safe and keep us posted!

    P.s. you new little one is precious! congrats!
  7. I can only imagine your peaceful world feels shattered. How frightening and confusing. Sad too.

    That's just awful.
  8. That is really scary. Ugh.
  9. So sorry this happened in your area! How sad!
  10. here is the update! Thanks guys! I drove past the house today and they have a picture of her on her mailbox and flowers and stuff around her mailbox. It's so sad. I feel so bad for her!

    Police in Northampton County have arrested the husband of a woman found dead inside her home. Police say she was stuffed into a 45-gallon storage container inside their home in Forks Township. WFMZ's Joscelyn Moes has the story.

    >> Reporter: This typically quiet Forks Township neighborhood was turned upside down this weekend. Early Sunday morning police found the body of 43-year-old Toni Ann Pautienus. Police first went to the home on Saturday. Friends and family hadn't heard from Pautienus in a few days and were concerned. When police got there Pautienus' husband 33-year-old Aragon Pautienus gave them permission to search the house. The search turned up nothing. Police later set up surveillance. Police discovered Aragon Pautienus was driving with a suspended license. They also found out he was on parole for a simple assault charge. Police then obtained a search warrant and went back to the home Sunday morning. They found the body of Toni Ann Pautienus inside a 45-gallon storage container, which was located inside the garage. The coroner has ruled her death a homicide, saying she died as a result of strangulation and blunt force trauma to the torso.
  11. I'm so sorry that this happened in your neighborhood. It's always unexpected when this stuff hits close to home. I hope the abusive bastard boyfriend gets what he deserves.
  12. How sad. It's scary for that to happen so close to home. That poor woman :sad:
  13. I know. Apparently there was a big history on him beating her. He was 10 years younger than her. I think they are going to have a candle lit prayer serivce in front of her house tomorrow.
  14. A similar case happened near where I live not too long ago - also a woman killed by a male friend in a fit of jealousy. A woman I know lives in the same street and said she felt somehow ashamed and guilty because she had always complained about the way the victim kept parking her car, and now that wouldn't happen ever again ...
  15. OMGosh domestic violence is everywhere it knows no boundries socially or economically. Open up your city paper, it's rifled with domestic violence cases and murders.