Murakami's postcards to drool over

  1. OMG, my friend just came back from tokyo ad gave me this murakami's postcards!!!
    u see, there's still so much of his character than can be develop to LV :yes:

  2. very cute, I got the green and blue ones in the middle when I went to MOCA! I love that little guy!
  3. Aw so cute! I think those are almost like the ones I got!
  4. cute i like the third photo the best with the tiny little characters on an invisible slope
  5. OMG!!!! So cute
  6. so cute...thanks for sharing them!!!
  7. Soooo cute!
  8. I love these postcards! That's a nice souvenir from your friend :smile:
  9. cute! i got two packs of the Murakami postcards at the exhibit..still haven't opened them...after seeing your pics, maybe I will! :yes:
  10. awww those are so pretty! I want some! lol! Wow, I love the flowers!
  11. I love those!! Soo cute!
  12. aww those are soo cute! what a nice thing for your friend to do!
  13. oh.. they are sooo sooo cute!!
  14. So Cute.. I like the blue one with the "ghost"
  15. thanks :smile:
    she knows i'm an avid fans of murakami, she said she got more but she's going for a meeting and because i have to choose, she won't show it to me yet because she knows there are chances they won't get back to her LOL

    sweetness, u have to open yours :p
    the last photo, it's a sticker so pretty, i don't think i would stick it though :p