1. I swear, I wish Marc Jacobs would do another collaboration with Takashi Murakami... The Limited Edition (Cerises, Cherry Blossom, etc.) lines they made were so awesome! They were so contemporary, yet traditional. Does anyone know if they will??? :confused1:
  2. I was at LV last week on Thursday and the SA said that they are hoping Murakami will do another line for them. But it is not sure at the moment.
  3. This would be really great, one can only dream! :love:
  4. I hope too
  5. yeah but just imagin what he'll do..the multicolor line was soo beautiful yet simple...i dont know what what he can come up with next but i bet its gonna be fantastic if he does :biggrin:
  6. Isn't Murakami's contract with LV expiring the end of December? Because there was some dispute over something?

    I remember there was a thread about this awhile back and a lot of people are afraid that the MC line may expire with Murakmi's contract...

    however, I just read that somewhere on this board so don't take my word too seriously.
  7. I hope they do another collaboration too :smile:
  8. If they are going to discontinue MC I am going to be broke and divorced.....I will have to buy everything I want from that line all at once.
    I also heard rumors of it being phased out as well.....and my SA was saying that it was never officially declared as permanent but just kept getting produced. YIKES! Please don't do that to me LV!
  9. I would LOVE another character in th corner of the bags like the panda, cerise, or groom (not murakami I know but my favorite!). Too bad that Stephen Sprouse died- another collaboration with him would've been cool!
  10. I'd love to see one more line of that!
  11. I love all the lines Takashi Murakami has done for LV. I wonder what he'd do next if, he does another line, though... I'm pretty sure it'll be something bright and lively, like the lines he's done, but I wonder what could be next??? It's exciting to think about what it could be! :nuts:
  12. I agree with you. The only LV items I currently own are the ones Murakami designed. I think he's a genius! :heart:
  13. I would love to see an all white canvas with pink or any one solid color monograms, that would be really cute! :love:

  14. That WOULD be cute! I thought about that once before, but I didn't know I wasn't the only one!! LOL
  15. hmmm....I must be the ONLY one....I don't really like Murakami.....he started off doing a lot of weird anime characters or drawings (if some of you know what I mean.................*wink wink* lol) I'm kinda corrupted by that guy...... I only really liked the panda and multicolore lines......