Murakami Update 3/31

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  1. I spoke to 4 people from LV today and all confirmed that there WILL be a special bag (comparable to the MOCA bag) for the exhibit totally independant of the monogramflauge coming in June. The shape is unknown if it will be the neverfull again. They will be available on Sat and the only way not available if the stock sells out. They are a total separate release from the monogramflauge.

    I hope this makes everyone trips on sat worthwhile and I hope I was given correct information.
  2. Do you know it is only available in NYC or all the LV boutiques??? :nuts:
  3. I wish I was in NYC....:cry:
  4. So there will be a special bag on the opening day or sometime in June?
  5. oh wow, can't wait!
  6. I wish I could go. Thanks for sharing
  7. From what I understand, there will be a bag on opening day like the moca neverfull and other goodies-their release is totally independant of the June 1st release bags. These bags will only be available at the museum. The bags being released on June 1st in the museum will be available in certain boutiques on june 15th in limited allocation. I hope I got all this info right, I am psyched, I am taking my dh along for the financial support.
  8. So when will they start showing up crazy overpriced on eBay? Saturday night? :biggrin:
  9. i will eb there opening day..:yes:

  10. Wow!!! I like your news better than all of the other reports!! I'm visiting NYC at the end of May but returning home on May 31st, so I would have missed anything released on June 1! But, your news is so much better if there is an LV "MOCA-type" bag released on opening day in April since then I'll be in NYC to see it and maybe buy it!

    Thanks!! Your news has cheered me up!!! Hope it's true!! :yahoo:
  11. Gosh, I so want to get the Murakami bag... :crybaby:

    Wish I could teleport myself over.
  12. Wow, I hope this is true! I'll have to make arrangements to go on the opening day.
  13. Soory, could anybody clear it up!! Where exactly is the opening?? very confused!:confused1: Museum?? Or a sepecific boutique store?
  14. Oh this makes it so worthwhile, even more so now. andrew and i shall be camped out for opening, woo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Whoever is going, take a pic! I really wanna see!