Murakami Sweater for person without a stomach

  1. Sorry, but I just had to share: I seriously have been laughing tears about this :roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Originally taken from eBay:

    You are looking at a 100% Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Murakami( Made in France) Soft, Thin lightweight knit (WHITE) Sweater XXS (Excellent condition) will fit a XS person. someone Petite.
    Too Small for me.Depending on HOW YOU comfortable you are with your body :smile: This sweater has "STRETCH" It will fit a size SMALL person,without a stomach. If you have Full breast...Long Torso... No stomach (it will be Fitted & Sexy ) with a pair of jeans and of course a (matching Murakami handbag).

    It can be a Conservative top or Dressy Top whatever your mood is.


    Is this what the seller was talking about:

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  7. OMG!!! Too funny!
    Great illustration of "without a stomach" btw :p
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  10. Oooh so sexyyyy! :yucky:
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  12. :nuts:Yeah... but they should have put that sweater on Goldie Hawn before she got shot by Meryl Streep so we wouldn't be able to see that freak*** fake......

    But the movie was great... one of my favorites.....:woohoo:
  13. too Funny
  14. Too funny! And BTW, I love your of my favorite Tenacious D songs!
  15. OMG thank you!!!! That was too dang funny!!! :roflmfao::nuts::lol: