Murakami Super Fake. Very Scary.

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  1. Oh my gosh...that's fake??
    Fakers are getting better and better...and soon I can only buy from MPRS and even then I'll have to be super super cautious!!!
  2. i dunno. i don't think it's funny or a bad fake. i think it's an excellent fake. that's the whole point. it's really scary. if she had only taken photo's of the outside of the purse, she probably could have gotten 400+ dollars for it.. and the person getting it may still have never known. it just freaks me out. i always look at the MC line as one of the most obvious and easiest to spot.

  3. o wow i wuda thought it wuz real until i saw the box and stuff... scary
  4. that fake thread isn't only for funny ones, it's for all fakes to be posted there:yes:
  5. The stamp inside is wrong. It's not the correct font, although it's close, but not correct and the O's in louis vuitton are wrong too. They are not round enough but more like the shape of the 0. the fakes have o's that look closer to this: 0 rather than this: O.

    Also, it has one of those hideous black cards with it! LOL
  6. wow... I was almost fooled by it cuz it almost looks exactly the same as mine!....until I saw the card......... hmmm... actually I think the font inside looks pretty good, it's not THAT obvious with the O...anyway, it's a super fake, YUCK!
  7. sorry if i should have posted this somewhere else. i was just caught offguard by it and wanted to share. yeah, i'm just saying the canvas and color pattern are what are so shocking. the font/inside/box/cards/tags, totally give it away. mods feel free to move the thread if needed. thanks.

  8. I think the stitching gives it away. I've seen a lot of super fakes, mostly on other boards that I'm in. It is pretty scary, but I still can tell it's fake even though the owner thinks she has us all fooled.
  9. Yuppers. Without having the picture of the box and "authenticity" cards, the stitching, leather, and interior peach calf lining [which look REALLY plastic-y] gave it away. The colors also look a bit weird... :yucky:
  10. imo, it's not a bad fake... but not a super fake either. i actually saw this auction before it was posted here, and i knew right away it was fake. the stitching especially gave it away, and i quickly hit the "back" button before even bother reading further into it.
  11. Well, I'm up for reporting; whether or not the seller knows it's fake, I'm not going to let someone pay for this.
  12. The inside looks too dark, and the inside font stamping is off. The ugly ecru card with the stamping on it, and the box are definate signs.
  13. wow...the outside of this wallet looks EXACTLY like mine & just the "0" doesn't look circular enough.