Murakami style Speedy in Mono?

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  1. I just saw a bag that looks just like the Murakami Multi Speedy only it is in original monogram. It has the front pocket, the metal corners, exactly like Murakami. Anyone know....does that bag even exist, or is it totally fake. Date stamp even looks good!! Anyone know?? Thanks
  2. If you got some pics of the bag you can post them in the authenticate section...
  3. Here it what is it??? LOL!!!
  4. Here are a few more
    e9e1_1.jpg eb56_1.jpg eda0_1.jpg
  5. It's fake.
  6. They're fake. I see them a lot where I work. more often that not, the "patina" is a peachy-red colour
  7. FAKE .....i already posted that ive seen one at Holt's...ugly as .........
  8. totally fake!
  9. :tdown:
  10. VERY fake.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.