Murakami "Panda" Pouchette

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  1. I saw a panda pouchette at a local consignment store today in mint condition. The lady who owns the store claimed that the pouchette is "new" and she's selling it for about $350. I don't have a mono pouchette or any of the "panda" line so I can't tell if it's authentic or not. Does anyone out there have such a pouchette? If so, can you please give me pointers on how to tell if it's the real thing or not. Like how the panda looks like up close, the inside of the bag, and how many LV logos on the front and back of the bag. Photos would be great too! :P Also, how much was this pouchette originally listed for?

    I'm thinking of going back to the store later this week and see if the lady will allow me to take some up close shots of this bag and post it on this forum. Hopefully it's still there... :P Thanks ladies!
  2. It originally retailed for $445. I don't exactly have any pointers on how to tell if it's authentic but just make sure the alignment of the canvas is straight, the colors of the panda is vibrant, and that the panda is in the right position.

    Here are pictures:



  3. Good luck! Great pics Jen :biggrin:
  4. I hope it's real! That little bag is so cute :love: Good luck, Irissy!
  5. Omg... thank you Mello Jello Jen!!! The close up shots of the panda is just awesome! I'm going to print out your pictures and compare it with the one in the consignment store. Yayyyy...

    Btw, your sn always makes be hungry for sweets...
  6. Oh, what about the inside? Is it the same lining as the normal monogram pouchette?
  7. same brown flaps or pockets or anything....and the stamp is affixed on the front right side......u should totally get it if it's real i totally love mine......oh and just for reference the colors are a little brighter (vibrant) than they appear in the photo
  8. Actually, the original retail was around $350 US. To tell the real from the fake you need to look up close at the colors of the Panda. That is usually where the fakers screw up.
  9. Here is the fake Panda:
    See the dif. in color on the right ear.
  10. How big is that pochette? It looks a little bigger than the normal one.
  11. So the colors of the panda are the same on each bag? Unlike the CB line, where each bag has different blossom placement. Interesting!
  12. Ok, so I walked into that consignment store today armed with my notes and Mello Jello's photos of the Panda pouchette. Awk, I was too late! They sold the pouchette to a young girl after I left the store yesterday! :cry: The lady who owns the store was laughing at me while I was whining and throwing a total fit about not getting the bag in the first place. She was like "hon, I TOLD you to get it yesterday but you didn't believe me when I told you that LV here sells really fast and that the bag is authentic!" :cry: :cry: :cry: Ah well, it was a fun experience doing treasure hunting at that store. Guess it wasn't meant to be. Thought I'll pick up that panda pouchette for cheap... guess not! However, I did have a nice chat with the lady and I gave her 2 bags (that couldn't sell on ebay) for her to sell for me. So guess I did something productive today. :P Ladies, please learn from me... if you find something you like, just grab it and run!
  13. I'm sorry to hear that! :sad: It wasn't meant to be, but you'll find one!
  14. Awww! I'm sorry you didn't get it. I hate when that happens! :sad:

    Whereabouts is the consignment store? I need a place to take some bags. Which brands does she take?

    Any info would be fantastic! :biggrin: