Murakami Neverfull MM & Multicolore Wallet...Photos

  1. I was bored at work so I decided I would post some photos of my murakami neverfull and multi wallet! :] I don't know if I'm doing this correctly but here it goes! Could someone tell me how I can add a photo under my username?

    neverfull 004.jpg

    neverfull 006.jpg

    neverfull 003.jpg

    neverfull 002.jpg
  2. love it! i have the same wallet and i LOOOOOOVEEEE IT! looks cute with your murakami neverfull!!
  3. Thank you :] I LOVEEEE this wallet, it's definitly my favorite.
  4. congrats enjoy. I so wanted one of those bags, but I live nowhere close to LA and eBay sscares me too much
  5. Gorgeous, love the wallet especially. Congrats!
  6. hey that$hot,m, is that your ID on eBay??? Did you ever get that fake bag you had squared away with that low life seller you got it from???
  7. they're so cute :smile:
  8. Yes, she finally responded to my emails and let me send it back to her for a full refund. I can't believe she sold you the same one, she really needs to get a life.
  9. yeah, I can NOT believe she tried to re-sell it after I sent it to her and filed a dispute, what freakin nerve.... At least she didnt give you a problem and gave your money back!
  10. btw love the tanned vachetta on the neverfull!
  11. pretty!!!
  12. both looks so good..:tup:
  13. so cute ... looks great together!
  14. cute combo!
  15. Thank you all, I appreciate it!